Chatham House – Tribes of Europe: How Europeans View the EU and its Future

At the Chatham House discussion with

Sonia Delesalle-Stolper, UK and Ireland correspondent, Libération
Professor Matthew Goodwin, Visiting Senior Fellow, Europe Programme, Chatham House
Professor Anand Menon, Associate Fellow, Europe Programme, Chatham House; Director, UK in a Changing Europe
and Tom McTague, Chief UK Political Correspondent, Politico

After a decade dominated by political and economic challenges – from the Euro crisis, to managing flows of refugees, to Brexit – the debate in Europe has turned towards the long term future of the European Union. Frequently, this discussion has been reduced to a binary debate: ‚more‘ or ‚less‘, ‚open‘ or ‚closed‘, ‚leave‘ or ‚remain.‘ But what sort of EU do people in Europe really want?

Tribes of Europe, a new piece of research by Chatham House’s Europe Programme, explores cross-national attitudes to the future of the EU. Drawing on a major survey of public attitudes in ten EU countries, it identifies six political ‚tribes‘ across Europe that transcend national boundaries and whose members share similar opinions and life experiences, traversing a spectrum from ‘EU Rejecters’ through to ‘Federalists.’ Our panel will analyse the make-up of these tribes and ask what policymakers and the institutions of the EU can do to connect and engage productively with these disparate groups.

There will be a demonstration of the new Tribes of Europe website and audience members will be encouraged to take part in the survey to discover which ‘tribe’ they are closest to.

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